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With Remote webview, you can build android app for your website easily and you can edit app functions and control the app remotely from your website.

For example, you can change app homepage, enable and disable functions, completely customize the bottom navigation bar by changing all icons, and assign each icon different urls or differeent functions such as share page, go back to previous page, open app settings, refresh page etc. You can enable or disable admob ads, change onesignal id etc even after you have published the app on playstore

All of this can be done remotely from your website, so you can save time and effort by in extra control of your app

Want test websites? try google


Supported Remote Functions

  1. Change App homepage remotely
  2. Customize Bottom bar Remotely
  3. Show or Hide Bottom bar remotely
  4. Show or Hide Toolbar remotely
  5. Change toolbar background color, title text & color remotely
  6. Show or Hide Drawer menu remotely
  7. Drawer menu icons, text and links or commands change remotely
  8. Each bottombar icons can be changed remotely
  9. Each bottombar item link can be changed remotely
  10. You can Assign different actions to each bottombar and drawer menu icon such as execute a function - open settings, share page, go to back page, forward page, refresh page etc remotely
  11. You can change bottombar background color to your favourite
  12. Show or Hide Floating Action button remotely
  13. Change floating button icon, link or functions remotely
  14. Turn on or turn off admob banner and interstitial remotely
  15. Change Onesignal ID remotely
  16. Change Splash remotely
  17. Supports SVG icons
  18. Supports PNG & JPG icons
  19. Supports Firebase Notifications
  20. Supports Onesignal Notifications
  21. Remotex Notification Service
  22. Supports Inapp Update Notification remotely
  23. Custom error page
  24. Supports URI Schemes (Whatsapp, email, tel etc)
  25. Supports multi window
  26. Change app color remotely 
  27. Supports Dark theme
  28. Supports Night Mode
  29. Custom actions, you can add your own actions to bottombar buttons 
  30. Supports Swipe Refresh, Full screen, immersive mode, auto hide toolbar etc
  31. Files Upload & Download Support
  32. Permissions Handled
  33. More features will be added on demand
  34. Best customer support

How it Works?

Step 1: Get the source code file here

Step 2: Upload the configuration file to your Website

Step 3: Import source code to Android Studio and paste the configuration file link in the source code (The place to paste the url is explained in the documentation file inside the source code zip)

Step4: change app icon, app name and package id and build your app, that is it. Now you can control app remotely

For more details and to get the source code, check this page

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